We make it easy for you to remortgage, ensuring you never pay any more than you need to. Remortgage can be used for various reasons:

  • Switch to a better rate meaning lower monthly payments.
  • Release money in order to consolidate debts, improve your property, buy another property, tax reasons or business reasons.

It is worth noting that a remortgage is not the best option in all cases. Even though you may switch to a lower interest rate the new lender may charge valuation and solicitor fees as well as an early repayment charge to exit the mortgage. Therefore, you may be able to switch your current mortgage deal with your current lender. This is where Summit Wealth’s experience will be able to guide you in the best direction.

  • Independent, whole of the market advice
  • Access to exclusive rates and products offering the most competitive rates in the market
  • Access to specific business development managers with all lenders to make sure your case completes and quickly and as smooth as possible
  • Free no obligation initial consultation
  • Speed of service – typically our loans are fully approved within 7-10 working days
  • Personalised advice tailored to your individual needs

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